Searching for a cheap energy deal is a flipping pain.

So we’ll do it for you. From now until the end of time. For free.

Let’s walk you through it

Mobile phone walkthrough Mobile phone walkthrough

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You give us a few details

We tell you how much you can save! You only need to do this bit once - we'll remember for next time.

We can find you a cheap deal in 3 minutes, on average.

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You pick your first flip

So we can learn what's important to you.

Did you know?

The energy regulator, Ofgem[1], says over half of all people in the UK are overpaying on their energy bills by around £350 a year. Just because they don’t flip.

Mobile phone walkthrough

*Example of how savings are displayed

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We make the flip

We'll contact the suppliers and let them know you'll be moving to your new great deal.

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We keep on flipping you

We keep hunting down better deals, forever and always from now on. When we find one that could save you at least £50[2] a year, we flip you. Again and again.

…And that’s it.


It's so simple, let's flipping do this!