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About weflip

What is weflip?

Today, many of us pay hundreds of pounds too much to heat and light our homes1. weflip puts an end to that by guaranteeing cheap energy forever, with its FREE switching service. After signing up (just-the-once) on our website, you’ll start to automatically flip to cheaper gas and electricity deals.

Year after year, you save money without having to do a thing. Because life’s too short to worry about finding the right energy deal.

1. Ofgem’s February 2019 Retail Highlights report, reveals a £195 gap in price between the average Big Six standard variable default tariff (dual fuel / direct debit) and market cheapest equivalent. And its 2018 state of the energy market report notes that 54% of households are on such standard variable tariffs.
How does it work?

Our energy experts are always on the hunt for cheap deals for you. When we find one that could save you at least £50 a year (after any exit fees)2, we flip you. And you won’t pay us a penny.

All you need to do is give us a few details, like the supplier you’re with (this’ll be on your bill) and choose your first flip from the deals we’ll find for you. Then, we’ll keep looking for better deals for you, forever and always.

2. We'll only ever flip you when we know you can make a saving, but the savings threshold may adjust from time to time.
How can weflip be free?

We’re paid a commission by the energy suppliers that we switch our customers to, so you don’t have to pay us a penny.

What’s with the chameleon?

Chameleon is our little Australian pal. He likes to flip between energy bills, but he prefers chilling out in his hammock to actually doing any of the work, so he leaves that to us. Smart fella.

Signing Up

Can anyone sign up to weflip?

Weflip is for any British household (excluding N. Ireland) that wants to save money on energy bills and dodge the hassle of searching for better deals themselves. weflip is for you if you have:

  • both gas and electricity (dual fuel) or just electricity
  • either a standard electricity, prepayment or economy 7 electricity meter
  • access to the internet and email and happy to manage your energy account online
  • the ability to pay bills by monthly direct debit
How do I sign up?
  1. It won’t take much to get started – signing up will only take you 3 minutes. Just make sure you’ve got all these things to hand (you can find this info on your energy bill):
    • The name of your current energy supplier
    • The name of the energy tariff you are on now
    • Your average annual or monthly energy usage or spend
  2. Choose your first energy flip – we’ll then show you a list of cheap energy deals you can flip to straight away. All you need to do then is:
    • select the energy tariff you prefer to move to
    • give us a few final pieces of information, like your direct debit details (we need this to pass this on to your new supplier. Rest assured we never ever take money from your account and keep your details completely secure)
    • we’ll start processing your first energy flip
  3. We sort out all your future energy flips – after your first flip, we take care of all future energy flips on your behalf. You’ll be switched automatically to a new deal when your current deal is coming to an end, or sooner if we can save you at least £50 a year3 (after any exit fees)
3. We'll only ever flip you when we know you can make a saving, but the savings threshold may adjust from time to time.
What if I don’t know who my energy supplier is or my current tariff details?

If you can’t find your energy bill, have recently moved into a new property and don’t know who the previous supplier is, or have simply forgotten who provides your energy, don’t worry.

  • Gas – to find out who your supplier is, just call the Meter Point Administration Service. They can also give you your Meter Point Reference Number, or MPRN. Telephone: 0870 608 1524
  • Electricity – to find out who your supplier is, contact your local electricity distribution company by using the Energy Networks Association postcode search tool.

Once you know who your provider is, they’ll be able to give you your energy tariff details.

What if I don't know my energy usage or spend?

If you don’t know exactly how much energy you use, we can easily estimate the amount based on your average usage (low, medium or high) and how many rooms your house has. As your savings figure will be based on an estimate, your supplier will sometimes adjust how much they charge you once they’ve worked out exactly how much you’re using.

Why do you need my direct debit details?

It’s just so you don’t have to give them to your new energy company every time we flip you. This way we can sort that out for you.

We’ll never take any money from your account. And we take the security of your data seriously and keep it safe.

If your bank details change, let us know. Otherwise we won’t be able to set up your new deals.

What energy suppliers can you flip me to?

All sorts. Big, medium and small and everything in between.

We have one of the biggest selections of energy suppliers and tariffs out there. So, we can flip you to some of the cheapest switchable energy deals in the market today.

How much will you save me?

Since Weflip launched, we’ve saved 20% of our customers an average £280 on their first flip4, with our biggest saving so far coming in at £1,74055. Pretty sweet.

We pride ourselves on finding great savings for everyone, but if you’re one of those rare people on a deal we can’t beat, we’ll ask for your email address and get back in touch the moment you can save.

4. Between 16th October 2018 and 17th March 2019, 20% of customers who provided their usage and received a price for switching gas & electricity saved on average £280.36

5. Between 16th October 2018 and 17th March 2019, the single largest saving for a customer who provided their usage and received a price for switching gas & electricity saved £ 1739.84
How do you calculate how much I’ll save?

We calculate your saving by looking at how much you’d spend over the next 12 months if you were to stay with your existing supplier.

This means if you’re on a fixed tariff which is coming to an end, we assume you’ll stay on the plan until its end date, and then roll onto your supplier’s Standard Variable Tariff for the remainder of the 12 months. Then we compare that to what you’d pay if you flipped today. That’s how Ofgem (the energy regulator) asks us to do it.

So, if you have 30 days left of your current tariff when we run a comparison, we’ll calculate how much your usage will cost over 30 days on your current tariff and 335 days on a standard variable tariff. We then compare this to annual costs on other tariffs.

How often will you switch my energy?

Usually once a year, and only when we find an energy deal that’ll save you £50 a year or more (after any exit fees)6. But if we find a deal that’ll save you money sooner, we’ll make sure you get it. Just not within three months of your last switch.

We could flip you more often than that, but we don’t because it’d mean giving your meter serial numbers, final readings, direct debits and so on each time. And that’s just annoying. Of course, if something unusual happens, like a sudden drop or rise in prices, we’ll weigh up if we should flip you before three months are up

6. We’ll only ever flip you when we know you can make a saving, but the savings threshold may adjust from time to time.
I need to provide my MPAN and MPRN numbers. What are they?

We’ve all got these. Your MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number) is the unique number attached to your electricity supply, and your MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number) is the same but for your gas.

If you need to find them, take a look at one of your bills. If you can’t spot them, the Citizens Advice website has a useful page that points out where they are. But it’ll only help if you’re with one of the major energy companies.

Flipping Your Energy

What happens when I switch suppliers?

After you’ve signed up to Weflip and chosen your first flip, it’ll take around 17 days to complete – sometimes it may take slightly longer (up to three weeks). For the first 14 days, your flip enters a cooling-off period, so you can still cancel if you change your mind.

Your new supplier will be in touch anytime from the day you process your flip, to three weeks after you choose your new deal. Different suppliers have different ways of getting in contact. Usually, a new supplier will email you to confirm that they’re now in charge of your energy supply and to remind you about the details of your new tariff.

If three weeks has passed and you haven’t heard anything from your new supplier, get in contact with the Weflip team via email at hello@weflip.com or freephone us on 0800 470 4700. We’ll chase your new supplier for you and make sure that everything is on track.

What if I owe my old energy company, or they owe me?

You may be in credit with your old supplier in which case you should tell them to refund you. Some suppliers will automatically refund you the credit, but you might get your money faster if you give them a nudge.

If you’re in debit to your old supplier, you’ll need to settle your final bill as soon as you can. If you’re in debt over £500 per fuel, your flip won’t go through and it’ll be blocked by the new supplier until the debt is repaid.

Will I have to pay an exit fee each time you flip me?

There are no exit fees to pay if you leave a fixed energy tariff within the last 49 days of its end date. During those 49 days, you can freely switch to any other energy supplier without being charged.

  • Your first flip: this is the only time you’ll select an energy deal yourself from our list of cheap deals (we automatically manage all your flips after that). So remember to choose a deal that saves you more money than the cost of your exit fee (if you’re on a fixed deal and flipping outside of the 49-day window)
  • Subsequent flips: after your first flip, we handle all your future energy flips for you. We typically flip our fixed tariff customers within the last 49 days of their energy deal, to pass on maximum savings. However, if there’s an instance where we find you a deal outside of the 49-day window that can save you £50 or more a year (after any exit fees)7 we’ll flip you sooner
7. We'll only ever flip you when we know you can make a saving, but the savings threshold may adjust from time to time.
Do I need to cancel with my old supplier?

No, your new supplier will do that for you. You’ll just need to make sure you cancel your direct debit with them after you’ve paid your final bill.

Do I need to set up a direct debit for my new supplier?

No need. We pass along your details to your new supplier who’ll set up your new direct debit for you.

Will my energy be cut off in between switches?

No, you won’t be left in the dark. Because there are no interruptions in energy supply when you flip from one provider to another.

Will my smart meter still work when I flip suppliers?

You can switch energy suppliers if you have a smart meter. However, smart meters might not work as well as they should when you flip to a new provider. If they stop sending automatic meter readings to your new supplier, you may need to go back to reading your meter manually.

Can I sign up if I get/want to apply for the Warm Home Discount?

Yes, you can. Just make sure you choose an energy supplier that offers it on your first flip. You can find a full list of energy suppliers that support the Warm Home Discount scheme on the Government’s website. If you switch to one of these, you’ll then be able to apply via your electricity supplier directly.

If you get the Warm Home Discount for any other reason other than getting the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit, make sure you contact your new supplier when we switch you to check you’re still eligible. If you need more information on the Warm Home Discount scheme or eligibility, check out the Gov.co.uk website.

What if I change my mind about flipping or have a problem?

Give us a ring for free on 0800 470 4700 or email us at hello@weflip.com. We’ll do our best to help. There’s also a 14-day cool-off period after each flip when you can easily cancel if you need to.

Are smaller energy suppliers as reliable as the big ones?

That one doesn’t really have a yes or no answer. Some of us feel more comfortable with a big company, and some of us like to stick with the little ones. Both are fine, and we’ve got all shapes and sizes on our list.

If you’re considering flipping to a small company, don’t worry, you’re safe. That’s thanks to the energy regulator, Ofgem. Basically, if you’re with a small company and they go out of business, Ofgem will move you onto a new deal straight away. There won’t be any gap in your supply.

If that happens to you, sit tight and wait to hear from Ofgem. And don’t worry – you’ll still be with us, so we’ll keep looking for cheaper deals.

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