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Basically, we spend our time searching for cheap energy deals for you. When we find one that could save you at least £50[1] a year, we flip you. Again. And again. And we don’t charge you a penny.

You give us a few details (like who you’re with now, what plan you’re on, how much energy you use – all stuff from your bill) and choose your first flip from our shortlist.

Then, we keep looking for better deals for you, forever and always. When we find one that could save you £50[1] a year or more, we flip you. That’s it.

For one thing, we regularly search a wide range of suppliers to find you cheap energy deals forever and always. And we don't charge you a single penny to do it.

Absolutely. We’ll let you know when it’s about to happen, in case you want to stay put. And you’ll have up to 14 days to switch back after every flip if you have second thoughts. Just let us know.

Don’t worry, we’ll drop you an email.

Nope, your new supplier will talk to your old one for you (bet you’re gutted about that).

Chameleon is our little Australian pal. He likes to flip between energy bills, but he prefers chilling out in his hammock to actually doing any of the work, so he leaves that to us. Smart fella.

There’s a cheap energy deal with your name on it

Give us a few details and we’ll make sure you’re always on a great deal.

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