Who is Robin Hood Energy?

Robin Hood Energy was founded in 2015 and aims to provide low-cost energy and address fuel poverty in Nottingham and beyond.

A not-for-profit organisation owned by a local council (the first of its kind in the UK), Robin Hood Energy provides special tariffs to the residents of Nottingham and a socially oriented pricing structure for the rest of the country.

Emulating its namesake, Robin Hood Energy aims to provide an alternative to the “big six” energy companies in the UK who take the lion’s share of the customer base, but don’t always necessarily offer the best tariffs.

Is Robin Hood Energy a good energy supplier?

A recent Which? report placed Robin Hood Energy as the second best energy company for customer satisfaction. Not too shabby.

Putting ‘people before profits’, this company really seems to care about its customers. You’ll find practical, energy-saving tips on the website and a range of payment options to suit you, including fixed, variable and pay-as-you-go.

At the last count, Robin Hood’s Trustpilot score stood at four out of five with a strong 7.9 out of 10. 65% of customers honoured the company with the highest score.

How green is Robin Hood Energy?

If you want to do your bit for the environment, Robin Hood Energy is launching two new green energy tariffs: the Robin Hood Green Tariff and the Clean and Green Tariff. 100% of the electricity provided on these tariffs is sourced from UK-based wind and solar generators.

As well as offering these special eco-friendly tariffs, Robin Hood Energy is involved in other green schemes such as the Renewables Obligation, the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT).

How much can I save with Robin Hood Energy?

It’s unclear exactly how much you can save and will depend on each individual’s situation, however being a not-for-profit organisation means tariffs can be kept low. That’s the whole point, after all.

If you’re a Nottingham City Resident you could benefit from an exclusive discount, you could make savings of around £504. Or you could try WeFlip for free to find the best possible tariff for you.

Key facts about Robin Hood Energy

Who owns Robin Hood Energy?

Robin Hood Energy is owned by Nottingham City Council.

Where is Robin Hood Energy based?

As you’d probably expect, Robin Hood Energy is based in Nottingham.

How big is Robin Hood Energy?

There are between 51 and 200 staff employed by Robin Hood Energy.

How many customers does Robin Hood Energy have?

Around 125,000 homes are supplied with gas and electricity by Robin Hood Energy.

Does Robin Hood Energy do warm home discount?

Yes, Robin Hood Energy voluntarily entered into the Warm Home Discount scheme in order to help people who may struggle to keep their house warm during the winter months. If you are eligible, you can get £140 off your energy bills between October and March.

What makes Robin Hood Energy different from other energy companies?

Unlike most other energy companies, Robin Hood Energy is not here to make a profit. With no private shareholders or director bonuses, the benefits can be passed on to the customer, with any profits reinvested.

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