Who is Good Energy?

Good Energy aims to do exactly what it says on the tin – it aims to provide good, clean, green energy. Set up nearly two decades ago, it’s one of the UK’s largest Feed-In Tariff providers, supporting more people who are generating their own green power than any of the ‘Big Six’ energy companies.

Good Energy’s customers either buy 100% renewable power through switching their supply, generate renewable power in their own homes or businesses, or invest in renewable power as a shareholder.

Claiming it ‘has always been about doing the right thing’, this is a company with a conscience. As well as producing entirely ‘clean’ energy, Good Energy aims to provide excellent customer service and invest in its people and communities.

Is Good Energy any good?

Scoring four out of five stars on Trustpilot, Good Energy must be doing something right. In terms of its ranking compared with other utilities firms however, it places somewhat ‘middle of the road’, at 151 out of 289 companies.

Unfortunately, Good Energy doesn’t have a customer score or star ratings in 2019 with consumer review site Which? as there weren’t enough customer responses. Last year however, it did score higher than all the ‘Big Six’ firms.

How green is Good Energy?

Good Energy is about as green as it gets. Hailed as the UK’s first supplier that’s 100% dedicated to renewable electricity, it has continued to maintain its reputation as an eco-friendly provider. All of its electricity is sourced from solar, wind, hydro power and biofuel from British energy generators.

The company also invests in its own solar and wind farms, sourcing over half of its electricity from the latter. Good Energy has also been working with the National Trust to develop its renewable energy projects since 2013.

Good Energy is also investing heavily in battery storage solutions, electric vehicle tariffs and Smart.

How much can I save with Good Energy?

The main focus of Good Energy’s marketing is driven by its eco-friendliness, rather than its cost-effectiveness. This doesn’t mean you can’t get a good deal, but it may not be the cheapest provider around. What Good Energy is doing for the environment, however, is priceless.

Key facts about Good Energy

Who owns Good Energy?

Good Energy is a public-owned company.

Where is Good Energy based?

It’s based in Chippenham, Wiltshire.

How big is Good Energy?

Between 201 and 500 members of staff are employed by Good Energy.

How many customers does Good Energy have?

Good Energy supplies over 250,000 homes with gas and electricity.

Is Good Energy more expensive?

Good Energy’s selling point is it’s 100% green, however there are many other energy companies offering green tariffs that may well be cheaper. However, Good Energy was temporarily exempt from the price cap earlier this year, as Ofgem recognised how important investment in renewables is1. Watch this space to see if this continues.

What makes Good Energy different from other energy companies?

Good Energy’s ethics are in the right place. As well as providing 100% renewable energy, the company pays the living wage to its employees and pays its community of generators a fair price for their power.

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