Who is British Gas?

The biggest of the ‘big six,’ British Gas is a subsidiary of Centrica and supplies energy to around 12 million homes.

That means that around a third of domestic properties in the UK get their gas and electricity from British Gas, making it the biggest energy supplier by a decent margin.

British Gas has a pretty interesting history in terms of its predecessors. It’s a descendent of the Gas Light and Coke Company, which made and supplied coal gas and coke (the fuel, not the fizz). Set up in 1812, it was the world’s first public utility company.

The company has undergone numerous iterations since its inception, and the British Gas we know today was founded in 1997. The company is known as Scottish Gas in – you guessed it – Scotland.

Customers can choose from fixed tariffs or its standard variable deal or temporary tariff, with a range of prices and benefits offered under each.

Is British Gas a good supplier?

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. British Gas didn’t score too highly in a recent customer survey by Which?. It actually came joint 26th out of 30 suppliers, with many smaller energy companies giving it a run for its money.

It received an average 56% customer score, getting three stars out of five for things like complaints handling and online customer service. But it scored just two stars for value for money, phone customer service, bill accuracy and clarity.

How green is British Gas?

British Gas is certainly doing its bit to be more green. It currently gets 43% of its electricity from renewable sources, which it says is more than the UK average.

It also offers a green tariff, where 100% of electricity used by customers is matched with renewable electricity by purchasing Guarantees of Origin.

How much can I save with British Gas?

So, is British Gas expensive? Well, it certainly isn’t the cheapest supplier on the market, but you could benefit from its deals if you’re the owner of an electric vehicle (EV). Under the Green Drive tariff, you’ll get cheaper off-peak electricity, so you can boost your car battery for less.

Key facts about British Gas

1. Who owns British Gas?

The company is a subsidiary of Centrica, a multinational energy and services company.

2. Where is British Gas based?

British Gas HQ is located in Staines-upon-Thames.

3. How big is British Gas?

Big! It’s the largest of the ‘big six’ and employs almost 30,000 people who work in locations across the country.

4. How many customers does British Gas have?

There are around 12 million British Gas customers.

5. What makes British Gas different from other energy companies? / Why choose British Gas?

British Gas customers get access to offers and giveaways with its Rewards scheme.

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