Who were TOTO Energy?

TOTO was a smaller energy company founded in 2016. However, it ceased trading in October 2019 making it the 16th smaller energy supplier to go bust since the start of 2018. You can find out what to do if your energy supplier goes bust by reading our guide on what happens.

TOTO aimed to make the customer experience simple, personal and digital. It believed in ‘smart energy at smarter prices’ and offered hassle-free switching, simple online billing and a range of tariffs to suit you, for either dual-fuel or electricity only homes.

As well as prepay and monthly direct debit payment options, TOTO offered an option called smart flexi saver. This allowed customers a simple way to budget for energy bills by setting up a regular, manageable payment with the possibility to top up if needed. TOTO also installed smart meters free of charge.

Was TOTO a good energy supplier?

Trustpilot’s latest poll gave TOTO three stars out of five, with 49% giving the top score.

TOTO was working alongside Ofgem to improve its performance and had increased the size of its customer service team and reduced call waiting times to under five minutes.

How green was TOTO?

Offering free installation of smart meters, TOTO wants you to be able to view your usage easily. This means you can make tweaks to your energy use in your home in order to save you money, and in turn help to save the environment. TOTO claims to be an eco-friendly supplier, however there is limited information to back this up currently.

Key facts about TOTO

1. Who owns TOTO?

TOTO was a privately-owned company, with Chris Allen being the founder.

2. Where was TOTO based?

It’s head quarters were in Brighton with UK-based call centres.

3. How many customers did TOTO have?

TOTO was one of the smaller energy firms which had 134,000 domestic customers.

4. What makes TOTO different from other energy companies?

TOTO is on a mission to save its customers money. It buys energy wholesale when it’s going cheap, is 100% paperless (which is a bonus for the environment, too) and doesn’t spend heaps of money on advertising and marketing.

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