Who is Scottish Power?

Energy company Scottish Power was set up back in 1990, a year before the privatisation of Scotland’s state-owned electricity industry.

It’s a subsidiary of Iberdrola, a Spanish utility firm, and one of the ‘big six’ energy providers here in the UK.

So, what does Scottish Power do? Well, as well as supplying gas and electricity to millions of homes and businesses across the UK, it also generates electricity for the grid. And it’s the distribution network operator for areas including central and southern Scotland and North Wales.

The energy supplier offers a range of fixed gas and electricity tariffs, along with its standard variable rate deal.

Is Scottish Power a good energy supplier?

Scottish Power certainly isn’t the best-rated energy supplier around. UK customers polled by Which? energy.

gave the company an average three stars out of five for bill accuracy, clarity and customer service.

It also scored a less-than-desirable two stars for phone customer service, complaints handling and assistance in helping customers understand and limit energy usage.

How green is Scottish Power?

Scottish Power isn’t 100% green… yet. It’s the UK’s first integrated energy firm to announce that it’ll soon be producing 100% green electricity from renewable sources, and has shown commitment to the cause by closing down its coal-fired power stations and selling off its gas plants.

Its focus going forward is on wind energy, smart grids and driving the change towards a cleaner and greener electric future. It’s investing more than £4m every single day to make these goals a reality.

How much can I save with Scottish Power?

The company isn’t exactly known for being great value for money. In fact, as Which? explains, its standard tariff was the priciest out of all the ‘big six’ providers for most of 2018. Customers complain that Scottish Power hikes its prices by too much and too often.

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Key facts about Scottish Power

1. Who owns Scottish Power?

The company is vertically-integrated and owned by Spanish utilities company Iberdrola.

2. Where is Scottish Power based?

The company is based in the Scottish city of Glasgow.

3. How big is Scottish Power?

Scottish Power is one of the ‘big six’, which together account for 75% of electricity supply and 73% of gas supply in Great Britain.

4. How many customers does Scottish Power have?

Around 5.2 million homes and businesses get their energy from Scottish Power.

5. What makes Scottish Power different from other energy companies?

Scottish Power has a partnership with Cancer Research UK and customers can pick a tariff where some of their money goes towards supporting this great cause.

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