Who is E.ON?

E.ON recognises that both the energy landscape and customer needs are changing – and the company is adapting.

E.ON is an international, privately-owned energy supplier. Its UK subsidiary, E.ON UK, launched in 1989 as Powergen, before being acquired by E.ON in 2002 and changing its name to E.ON in 2007.

The company says it’s dedicated to creating a better tomorrow. It’s main focus is to supply ‘decentralised, green and interconnected’ solutions that meet the needs not only of its customers, but also the environment.

The bulk of its business targets three trends: the ‘renewables boom’ across the globe, rising demand for innovative energy solutions, and the transformation of yesterday’s power lines into tomorrow’s smart energy networks.

Is E.ON a good energy supplier?

E.ON isn’t the highest-ranked of the ‘big six,’ and there are many smaller suppliers which trump it in terms of customer satisfaction.

According to recent Which? survey results, E.ON’s overall customer score stood at 57%. The supplier scored three out of five for many elements of its service – including bill accuracy, bill clarity, phone customer service, complaints handling and helping customers understand and cut their energy usage.

How green is E.ON?

E.ON is pretty green; its tariffs are helping to promote a more sustainable future. Its customers benefit from 100% renewable electricity as standard, which comes from sources including wind, biomass and solar.

The company also sells solar panels and home batteries, and is currently installing electric vehicle charging points across the UK.

How much can I save with E.ON?

E.ON says it’s committed to helping you save on your energy bills. Its E.ON See tool, described as ‘a smart meter display in your pocket,’ helps customers compare energy use to similar homes in the area, see exactly where their energy is going, and receive personalised tips to cut back on usage and hopefully save some cash.

Key facts about E.ON

Who owns E.ON?

E.ON is investor-owned.

Where is E.ON based?

Its main base in Essen, Germany, with E.ON UK headquarters based in Coventry.

How big is E.ON?

E.ON moved up the ranks to become the second biggest ‘big six’ energy supplier in 2018, after gaining around 50,000 new accounts in that year alone.

How many customers does E.ON have?

Approximately 3.3 million households have an E.ON gas and electric tariff. If we account for businesses too, that rises to 4.3 million customers.

What makes E.ON different from other energy companies?

E.ON is really pushing for a more sustainable future with its 100% renewable electricity, at no extra cost for customers. So, if green energy is something that’s important to you, E.ON could be a good choice.

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