Who is EDF Energy?

EDF Energy supplies gas and electricity to around 5.7 million homes and businesses throughout the UK.

We know what you’re wondering: what does EDF stand for? Well, it’s actually an initialism of its French parent company, Électricité de France.

The company was launched in 2002 and in 2009, took over control of British Energy, the UK’s nuclear generator. This made it one of the biggest generators in the UK, as well as the largest distribution network operator.

Today, EDF Energy proudly claims that it’s the UK’s biggest producer of low-carbon electricity. It’s got a range of gas and electricity deals available, each one with its own range of benefits.

Is EDF Energy a good supplier?

The general consensus is that EDF Energy is an OK energy supplier. That’s if we take the results of a recent customer survey from Which?

The company came 23rd out of 30 suppliers, and in a Which? investigation, it didn’t do so well on its phone customer service. It took 19 minutes and five seconds on average to get through to a human. Then again, responses on live chat took a nippy two minutes 40 seconds on average.

How green in EDF Energy?

If you’re not too keen on nuclear power, than EDF Energy may not be for you. Then again, EDF Energy also has its EDF Renewables scheme, showing its commitment to building a sustainable future through wind power and other renewable technologies.

The supplier currently owns 35 wind farms, including two off-shore farms, as well as one of Europe’s largest operational battery storage units.

How much can I save with EDF Energy?

Which? says that EDF customers could save a lot more switching from its variable tariff to one of its other fixed plans. And you could save more by opting for a smaller supplier, many of which are also rated higher for customer service.

The company also announced a 10% price hike on its standard tariff that came into effect from 1 April 2019.

Key facts about EDF Energy

1. Who owns EDF Energy?

The company is owned by the French state-owned Électricité de France.

2. Where is EDF Energy based?

The UK arm of EDF Energy is based in London.

3. How big is EDF Energy?

EDF Energy employs a team of over 13,000 people and is a ‘big six’ supplier.

4. How many customers does EDF Energy have?

Approximately 5.7 million domestic and business customers get their gas and electricity supplied by EDF Energy.

5. Why choose EDF Energy?

If you want to help promote a low-carbon future, EDF Energy’s Blue fixed tariffs are backed by 100% low-carbon nuclear generation.

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