List of UK Energy Suppliers

With well over 50 energy suppliers in the UK, searching for the best gas deal, electricity deal, or dual fuel deal can feel a little daunting.

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Here’s a list of energy suppliers in the UK, starting with the big guns:

Who are the big six energy providers?

The big six are – believe it or not – the six biggest energy suppliers in the UK, which together account for a huge chunk of the market. They include:

Supplier Overview Which? Customer Score*
British Gas The UK’s biggest energy and home services company, offering a wide range of tariffs. 56%
EDF Energy  Offers a range of tariffs including its Blue tariff, which uses electricity 100% backed by low-carbon generation. 57%
E.ON All of E.ON’s residential customers now get 100% renewable electricity as standard. 57%
Npower Provides a range of fixed and standard variable tariffs, along with its Go Green Energy Fix which includes a tree planted in the UK. 54%
Scottish Power Offers fixed and standard variable tariffs along with a Health Beat Cancer Fix, where you can support Cancer Research UK. 54%
SSE Customers can sign up to SSE Reward for advance events ticket at the SSE Arena in Wembley and SEE Hydro. 58%

*Score via Which? energy survey conducted September 2018.

So, who are the UK’s green energy suppliers?

If you’re keen to do your bit for the environment, you might want to choose a tariff from a green energy provider. They include:

Many of the other suppliers also offer green tariffs, like Npower’s Go Green Energy Fix mentioned in the table above.

Who are the other smaller UK energy suppliers?

Now we’ve got the big six and green energy suppliers out of the way, let’s take a look at the smaller energy companies and other providers completing the list.

  • Affect Energy
  • Avro Energy
  • Atlantic
  • Better Energy
  • Bristol Energy
  • Cardiff Energy Supply
  • Co-operative Energy
  • Daligas
  • Ebico
  • Economy Energy
  • Engie
  • Extra Energy
  • Fairerpower
  • Flow Energy
  • Future Energy
  • GB Energy
  • GEN4U
  • Glide
  • GnERGY
  • Go Effortless Energy
  • Iresa Limited
  • iSupplyEnergy
  • LoCO2 Energy
  • M&S Energy
  • National Gas
  • Octopus Energy
  • Oink Energy
  • OVO Energy
  • Peterborough Energy
  • Places for People Energy
  • Robin Hood Energy
  • Sainsbury’s Energy
  • Shell Energy
  • SO Energy
  • Southend Energy
  • Spark Energy
  • SSE Airtricity
  • SSE Southern Electric
  • The Energy Deal
  • Together Energy
  • TOTO
  • Utilita
  • Utility Warehouse
  • White Rose Energy
  • Zog Energy
  • Yu Energy

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