7 bad excuses for not flipping your energy bill

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bad excuses for not switching bill

“Ah, I can’t wait to get home from this long day at work, put my feet up and spend hours on the phone to my energy provider to cancel my contract.” That’s a sentence that has never been said by anyone, ever, because changing energy providers is a chore. Don’t we just know it.

That’s why we do it all for you. We’re nice like that. You only ever have to sign up to WeFlip once and then we’ll automatically flip you to a cheaper deal when you can save £50 a year or more. What does that mean? You’ll never have to bother with changing your provider again, and you’ll take back an average of £350 a year from greedy companies who only care about overcharging you to line their pockets. Sure, we’re biased, but that sounds pretty sweet, right?

Still, we know how easy it is to procrastinate – we can only assume that’s the reason the entire country hasn’t already signed up with us?? – and that spending 20 minutes filling out an online form can feel like a bit of a drag. Which is why we’ve decided to cajole you on a little bit. We can’t tell the big energy companies we won’t stand for their nonsense anymore without your help, so come on, no more “I’ll do it tomorrows”. These excuses won’t wash with us.


1. “I got distracted by stalking my office crush on Instagram”

It’s all fun and games until you accidentally like a four-year-old picture.


2. “Filling out forms is booooooring”

We’re with you there, gotta be honest. There are a million things we’d rather be doing with our evenings than filling out forms, but look at it this way: if someone told you they’d give you £350 to spend 20 minutes filling out a couple of forms, would you do it? Exactly.


3. “Just one more episode of that TV show…”

No! We all know it’s never just one episode. Before you know it it’s midnight, you’ve binged an entire season in one evening and achieved none of your goals for the day.

binge watch television


4. “I fell down a Wikipedia hole and accidentally became an expert on a bizarre series of murders from the 1920s”

Excellent pub chat, yes, but it won’t make your energy bill cheaper.


5. “It’s summer, so I barely use any energy anyway”

Have you seen what global warming has done to the British summer?! The sun exists here now! You’re gonna want about five fans on at all times. Plus, if you flip now that’s one less thing to add to your to-do lost this winter.

summer energy efficiency


6. “Might just open that second bottle of wine…”

Hey, no judgement here, but won’t that wine taste all the sweeter if you’re sipping it after telling your rip-off energy provider where to shove it?

lady opening bottle of wine


7. “It’s just not worth the hassle”

We know as well as anyone that switching energy providers is a massive pain in the bum. That’s why we do it for you. You only have to sign up to WeFlip once and bam, you’re done. No more dealing with tedious energy companies, because we do it all for you. Did you say we’re heroes? Oh, you’re too kind…