WeFlip vs Flipper, Switchd and More

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably already concerned your energy company is taking you for a ride, charging you a lot more than you should be paying for your bills despite nothing changing from when you signed up on a cheaper deal.

You know it’s time to switch to a cheaper provider, and a little bird told you WeFlip is the best company that can take care of it all for you. That little bird is smart; thank them from us, and maybe give them some breadcrumbs as a reward – birds go wild for that stuff.

Still, if you’re keen to switch to a cheaper gas or electricity deal, you probably want to do all the research you can to make sure you’re doing it right. We don’t blame you. You might have heard WeFlip isn’t the only sheriff in town when it comes to flipping to cheaper deals, so we’re here to show you how we compare to some of the other big players.

That makes sense. After all, if you want the best deal for your energy then you probably want the best for yourself in everything you do. So, without further ado, here’s how WeFlip stacks up to Flipper, Switchd and others on the market. There’s a separate guide comparing cheap energy club alternatives, too.

Comparing WeFlip vs the rest

WeFlip Flipper Switchd1 Switchcraft
Free Service Y N N1 Y
Switching done automatically Y Y Y Y
Will always find you their very cheapest deals Y Y N1 Y
Free UK contact number Y Y N1 Y
Supports green energy for gas and electricity Y Y Y Y
Can switch electric only, gas only, or both Y Y Y N
Can flip more than once per year Y Y Y N
  1. Switchd’s free plan doesn’t give you their best deals, you have to pay for that

WeFlip vs Flipper

Flipper seem good on paper, with their promises to automatically switch you on to cheaper deals, but there’s a catch: there’s a £30 annual fee to pay, so you’re spending in order to save.

Now, we’re only guessing here, but we’re pretty sure you’re looking to change your energy supplier because you want to save money, not spend more. Chucking away thirty quid which you could be spending on football tickets or a week’s worth of lunches doesn’t sound ideal.

If you use WeFlip, you’ll still get great auto-switching services, moving you to cheaper energy deals and potentially saving you hundreds of pounds each time, but it’s also completely free. Treat yourself to lunch out every day next week as your reward for using WeFlip to auto-switch.

WeFlip vs Switchd

If someone tells you that you can get something for free, you probably think that means you’ll get all of it for free, not just a little bit of it. Switchd will tell you that you can auto-switch your bills for free with them, and that’s technically true, but the full service – where you get the best available deals – will cost you money. We don’t like paying extra, especially when the word ‘free’ has been lodged in our minds and given us certain expectations. Switchd will charge you £1.99 per month or more for its paid plans, and *punches numbers into calculator* the £0.00 that WeFlip charges is significantly less than that. And with WeFlip, you’ll still be auto-switched whenever you can save £50 or more on your bills.

WeFlip v Switchcraft

Choice is a wonderful thing, and one of the great things about WeFlip is the ability for you to switch your gas provider, electricity provider, or both – either separately, or together if you’re on a dual fuel deal. If you’re looking to break up with your gas provider because you know there are better options out there, the last thing you want is to be told you’ve got to either keep it or switch gas and electricity together because Switchcraft can’t support gas-only auto-switching. It’s like trying to break up with a bad boyfriend or girlfriend only to be told you have a choice of staying broken up but sleeping on their sofa, or leaving altogether but only if you let them keep your pet cat.

You shouldn’t have to play by someone else’s rules if you’re trying to switch to something better, which is why WeFlip will let you choose whether you want to switch your gas provider, switch your electricity provider or both. Just enter your details and we’ll take care of the rest.