Cheapest gas suppliers and tariffs in the UK right now

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Top 4 cheapest gas suppliers in the UK:

  1. Gulf Gas & Power UK
  2. EDF Energy
  3. Zog Energy
  4. Entice Energy

When you look at your latest gas bill you might find it hard to believe that there really is such a thing as cheap gas suppliers in the UK. But believe you should.

It’s not like believing in unicorns or fairies, either, since we’ve seen them in the flesh. We can show you photographs and everything, although we’ll probably just show you a link to their website. Competition in the energy market means that you can switch to a cheaper gas deal whenever you like, but it also means that finding the cheapest gas tariff can be hard work.

According to the energy police force Ofgem – that’s not their official title, but it’s how we like to think of them – there were no fewer than 62 companies proving gas and electricity in the UK in December 2018, and all but two of them offered a range of gas tariffs.

So 60 companies and a range of tariffs for each company is *quickly do the maths*… a lot of tariffs. Since we’re experts at tracking down and offering the best gas and electricity deals we’re not about to list every single one of them. That would be really boring, in the way that worrying if you’re paying the right amount for your energy and trying to find cheap gas prices is really boring. We do the boring stuff for you, and that’s why we’re more than happy to present just a few of the lowest gas prices currently available. It should be noted that volatility in the energy market can mean that prices often shift, and once you’ve signed up to a cheap gas tariff an even cheaper tariff may appear elsewhere.

It would probably help if you knew someone who could keep an eye out for those new, cheaper tariffs… (we’re clearing our throats and pointing at ourselves right now).

In the meantime, here are those affordable gas prices. The amount quoted for each is based on the official average medium level consumption, which for gas is 12,500 kWh per year – and don’t worry, we’re not about to start explaining what a kWh is. As prices often vary by postcode, we’ve included three examples from around the country as a reference.

1. ‘Gulf Home Renewable February 21 v1 – Paperless’ by Gulf Gas & Power UK

Gulf Gas & Power, known for its petrol stations, is an independent energy company offering 100% renewable electricity and straightforward bills.

This is a fixed rate tariff which ends on 28/02/2021 and has a £30 exit fee for leaving the tariff early.

The price:

  • £29.59 per month / £355.08 paid annually

2. ‘Simply Online 1 Year Fix Jan21v5 – Paperless’ by EDF Energy

EDF Energy, one of the big six, supplies both gas and electricity to UK homes.

This is a 12-month fixed rate tariff with online billing. There’s a £35 fee per fuel for leaving the tariff before the end of the fixed term.

The price:

  • £31.20 per month / £374.41 paid annually

3. ‘Mercury 12 v34 – Paperless’ by Zog Energy

Zog Energy developed a business model built on the best technology and lowered overheads – that way they can pass on savings to customers through lower tariffs.

This is a fixed tariff with an early exit fee of £30.

The price:

  • £31.27 per month / £375.25 paid annually

4. ‘Direct only V2 – Paperless’ by Entice Energy

Entice Energy is a smaller energy company based in Mansfield. It entered the market in 2016 and offers its customers ‘simple’ tariffs.

This tariff is a fixed rate deal which lasts for 12 months from supply start date. There’s an early exit fee of £30.

The price:

  • £31.29 per month / £375.49 paid annually

5. ‘Simply Online Jun21v6 – Paperless’ by EDF Energy

Here is a second competitive offer from EDF Energy.

This is a fixed rate tariff which ends on 31/03/2021. The early exit fee is £35 per fuel.

The price:

  • £31.36 per month / £376.32 paid annually

If you’re tempted by the possibility of cheaper energy bills but still feel a bit spoiled for choice, then rest assured: we can do the choosing for you.

Give WeFlip a go and we’ll show you the tariffs you could use to save money. We’ll auto-switch you to the best rate for you and keep on switching you whenever we spot something better.

*Prices correct at the time of writing (16 January 2020), are based on the average UK quote for medium household consumption and are for illustration only. Prices will vary for individual circumstances and energy use and tariffs are subject to change from time to time.