WeFlip vs cheap energy clubs and collective switching 

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You’ve heard a bit of noise about WeFlip, and you like the sound of it all. After all, who wouldn’t want a cheaper energy deal.

You’ve always had it in for those fat cats at the big energy companies, moving you onto more expensive energy tariffs without giving you anything different in return – not even as much as a smile.

Something needs to change, and the good news is it can with WeFlip.

Sign up for WeFlip on your lunch break and you could save as much as £350 on your energy bills. You don’t even need to keep going back and forth between price comparison sites and making sure you’re ready to pounce when a cheaper deal comes along – we’ll do all that boring stuff for you and auto-switch you to a better deal.

But wait, we hear you ask, how is that any different to those energy clubs I’ve read about?

We’re glad you asked. Let us explain the difference between WeFlip and energy clubs.

What is an energy club?

If you’re the sort of person who is always on the lookout for value, first of all let us high-five you. It’s always good to encounter a like-minded person, and we’re just like you. We want to stop the big energy companies taking advantage of customers with loyalty taxes, and we’ll do that by auto-switching people like you onto cheaper deals.

If you’re a value-hunter, you’re also probably aware of energy clubs. More than half of the people in the UK have never changed their energy deal, sometimes because it can feel daunting or confusing. You, though? You’re in the vocal minority, though, always looking for something better. So when you heard about energy clubs which can help you find better deals, you nearly jumped out of your seat. However, you might sit back down when you find out about the fine print.

In essence, it works by emailing you details of cheaper deals whenever your current energy deal is coming to an end, helping you avoid getting a nasty surprise when you’re shifted onto a more expensive tariff.

When you sign up to the free service, you can set parameters and ensure you get an email whenever you’re able to make a saving above a certain amount (you can set this amount yourself).

However, as we’ll explain below, there are plenty of reasons why you should auto-switch with WeFlip rather than relying on energy clubs.

How does an energy club work?

When enough people have signed up to an energy club, the people running the club can go to energy providers in search of cheaper deals by telling the provider that they can find them a load of new customers. This explains how they can find cheaper deals for you.

There’s an obvious thing to keep in mind here, namely that you’ve got to wait until the club actually has that many people. So yes, if time is of the essence then you might not want to be at the mercy of a group of strangers, even if they are all after the same savings you are.

Then you have the other problem with an email-based system: sometimes you’ll miss an email. Things come up, people get distracted, passwords get forgotten. We’re only human. But if you sign up to an energy club and miss the email alerting you to a better deal, not only do you run the risk of missing out on that saving, but you might also have the double blow of being moved to a more expensive deal when your current one runs out and you forget about your plans to switch. As you might have noticed, the big energy companies like moving you onto their most expensive tariff after your cheap introductory deal has run its course.


So, what should you do instead to get the best deal?

If you sign up with WeFlip, you’ll automatically get switched to a better deal when you can save £50 or more. No waiting for other people to sign up for a club, no relying on checking your emails over and over like a watched pot.

No more worrying about missing the window to sign up, either, as we’ll take care of the switch for you automatically. Just gather together all the info you have about your energy accounts, set aside a few minutes during your lunch break, and sign up to let WeFlip auto-switch you and save you up to hundreds of pounds.

Not only can you save money (though there’s never anything wrong with saving money), but you can save yourself a lot of stress, too.

Try WeFlip and see if you can score cheaper energy bills, forever.